This category contains the pages formerly in the beginner section on our old site as well as new articles targeted to new Outlook users.

How to Edit the Registry

Windows Registry Editor

We often tell users how to edit the registry but don't always say how to do this. We do this in part because the registry is the nerve center of the computer and one wrong edit can render it "useless". We assume that if someone knows how to edit the registry, they also know how…

Hotmail Connector Error Code 1133


If you are receiving the Hotmail Connector error 1133 when you sync your Hotmail account to Outlook, try the following solution. Close Outlook Open Windows Explorer to the data file location (see below for path) Create a new folder and move the contents in the \Outlook directory to the new folder Open Outlook and hit…

Outlook is missing from the Office 2010 Trial?


We get a lot of questions from users who downloaded the Office 2010 Pro trial. They say all of the applications were included except Outlook, which of course, was the reason they even tried it. Outlook is included in the trial, but it won't always install if an older version of Outlook is installed as…