Automatically Check for Email in Outlook

How can I get Outlook to automatically send and receive when I open the program? I have to press F-9 or go to the menu bar TOOLS/SEND AND RECEIVE.

Define Send and Receive groups

The method is the same for all versions of Microsoft Outlook. You need to browse to Tools, Send and Receive, Send /Receive Settings and find Define Send and Receive Groups or, for a faster keyboard shortcut, press Ctrl+Alt+S on your keyboard to open the dialog. (In Outlook 2010, go to File, Options, Advanced, Send/Receive, or press Ctrl+Alt+S.)

Change the send and receive dialog

Add a check to the option to check every xx min, Schedule an automatic send and receive every mm minutes setting and adjust the time.

When this is enabled, Outlook will check for new email every time you open it and every xx minutes while it remains open.

Note: You should not check it more often than every 8 -10 min because it creates too much load on your mail server and a large amount of mail will cause some versions of Outlook to hang if it is still downloading mail when the next automatic mail pass starts.

More Information

If you want send mail immediately, this is changed in Tools, Options, Mail setup tab; in Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013, go to File, Options, Advanced to enable (or disable) Send immediately when connected.

Last reviewed on November 6, 2013.

  • Pawel

    The question was different.
    I do not want to check e-mails every xx minutes - I need to check email just after opening outlook.

  • Diane Poremsky

    Outlook will automatically poll for mail on start if you have it set to check every xx minutes. If you don't want to automatically poll again, set the minutes to a high number - 1440 minutes (24 hours) is the max.

  • Joyce England

    I don't want outlook. I want to go back to

  • D Poremsky

    Unfortunately, that ship has sailed - there is no going back as the website was phased out and replaced by many months ago. is moving to Office 365 Exchange online servers in the coming months - there is no going back from this change either. It will continue to be accessed using, only the look and the server on the backend will change.