How to create a new Outlook 2007 or 2010 profile

Need a new Outlook 2002 or Outlook 2003 profile? See Creating a New Outlook 2002/2003 Profile. For Outlook 2000, see Creating a New Outlook 2000 Profile

If Outlook is open, close it.

  1. Go to Control Panel, Mail – it's in the User Accounts category or switch to Classic view. In 64-bit versions of Windows you'll find Mail under the 32 bit group.  Alternately, you can right click on the Outlook icon on the Start menu and choose Properties.
  2. Click the Show Profiles button.
    mail setup dialog
  3. Click Add to create a new profile. If you are making a new profile due to problems with the old profile, do not copy the old profile and do not delete it. Make a new profile using a new name.
  4. Choose a unique but descriptive name for your profile.
  5. Enter the name you want to use for your display name, your email address, and your password. If your mail provider supports autodiscovery Outlook will set your account up for you. (Most large ISPs support autodiscovery.)
    autoaccount setup

Manually Create Account

If your ISP doesn't support autodiscovery or you want to set up an account using other server options, click the "Manually configure…" checkbox at the bottom of the dialog to set up your account yourself.

  1. Choose the account type and click Next.
  2. Enter your name, email address and mail server names as well as your password. Most mail servers do not require SPA, so leave it unchecked unless your ISP tells you to use it.
    Internet Settings

Configure additional server options in the More Settings dialog.

  1. Click More Settings to configure a Reply to Address different from your email address on the first screen,  configure outgoing server authentication, specific Internet connection properties, and alternate ports for incoming and going email.
  2. If you need to leave mail on the server, go to More Settings, Advanced tab.
    More Settings port configuration
  3. Click Ok when finished configuring More Settings then click Next to Exit the new profile wizard.


Use Existing PST file

If you have an Outlook data file (*.PST) you want to use with your new profile, follow these steps immediately. Do not open Outlook until you change the PST.

  1. Select the newly created profile then click Properties.
    Profile Properties
  2. Click Data files button to open the Account Settings dialog to the Data files tab. (Either button opens the Account Settings dialog.)
  3. Click Add then browse to your existing PST file.
    Account Settings
  4. If the PST is a native Outlook 2003/2007 file type, choose the top entry for Outlook Personal File. (It is highly recommended that you use Outlook 2003/2007 PST format for your default PST). Click Ok
    Select the data file
  5. Select your existing PST file.
  6. You can enter a friendly name or just click Ok to return to the Account Settings dialog.
  7. Click the Set as Default button.
    Set as Default
  8. Select the PST Outlook created when it created the profile and click Remove. If you want, click Open folder to find and delete this PST.

Close the dialogs and start Outlook.

Last reviewed on May 8, 2014.

  • Marcelo

    I need to create and add to all emails a new field, in order to organize messages sent and received by this field.
    I have not been able to show this box on the received emails form, in order to fill the information for each specific email received.
    Any help on the subject?

  • outlooktips

    You can't edit the default form. You could add a field to the Inbox so you can see the field in the message list.

    Another option is to use the Follow up field - you can enter any text you desire (up to the limit, i think 256 characters) in the follow up field.

  • Jules Design

    Finally it worked
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  • Ken

    After hours of searching found this page. Completed the instructions... New Profile..perfect, email at last working. Thank you

  • Bryne

    I've successfully created two profiles, however the problem I have is in getting the "Prompt for a profile" setting to work. If I select the "Always use this profile" setting the Outlook launches just fine. Works for both profiles. However, when I select the "prompt for profile" setting and launch Outlook I get a message telling me there is no profile and I need to create one.

    I'm running Win7 with s single user account and Outlook 2010 with 2 profiles.

  • Diane Poremsky

    what addins do you have installed? Do you get that message if you start outlook in Safe mode? To open Outlook in Safe mode: Close Outlook then hold Ctrl as you click on the Outlook icon. You'll get a message asking if you want to start in Safe mode. Click Ok.

  • Donna Tomiak

    After hours of searching and trying different things, talking to Microsoft support, Shaw support, I clicked on this page and low and behold IT WORKED! Hallelujah!!!! I can now access my email through Outlook. Thankyou!!!!!

  • Milo

    my outlook will still not send out email (yahoo pop3)

  • Diane Poremsky

    Do you get any send and receive errors?

    These are the settings for Yahoo SMTP server:
    Outgoing Server –
    Outgoing Port – 465 or 587 (requires SSL/TLS or Auto)
    Username: full Yahoo! email address
    Password: your Yahoo! password

  • Jeff Jensen

    This is the second time you helped me locate "Mail" on my 64-bit system. Thank you!