Tip 1066: Before upgrading Outlook Connector accounts to Outlook 2013

Export local folder before upgradingAttention Outlook Connector users: before upgrading to Outlook 2013, make sure you export Tasks, Notes, and any other folder labeled "(This Computer only)" from your Hotmail data file.

These folders are not synced to the server and the contents will be lost when you remove the account from your profile and create an Exchange ActiveSync account in Outlook 2013.

You'll need to export these folders to a pst if you want to keep the contents.

First, check each folder and see if there are any tasks, notes, or journal items to backup. If so, go to File, Import and Export or Outlook 2010's File, Open, Import to begin the Import/Export wizard.

  1. Choose Export to a file
  2. Select Personal Folder file (.pst)
  3. Select one of the folders that needs exported
  4. Click Browse and and navigate to My Documents
  5. Type in a name for the new .pst
  6. Click Next to export the folder
  7. Repeat for each folder that needs exported

You do not need to export the folders that are not labeled (This Computer only). The contents of those folders are stored on the Hotmail/Outlook.com servers.

Import the contents of this .pst file into your Outlook 2013 profile.

Published February 12, 2013. Last reviewed on February 5, 2013.