How to always reply using a different email account

If you have two (or more) email accounts collecting email and always want to send replies using the default account, Outlook always uses the receiving account when you reply. You can select the correct sending account when you reply, but it's easy to forget to do this.

Is there a better way?

Yes, provided you never want to send messages using the second account, you can edit the second account's SMTP information to use the default account's SMTP and set your preferred email address as the Reply to Address.

Outlook 2010 and 2013: open the Account settings dialog from the File, Account settings dialog and double click on the account you want to edit.

Outlook 2007: Tools, Account Settings dialog and double click on the account you want to edit.

Outlook 2002 and 2003: Open the secondary account using Tools, Email Accounts, Change existing accounts…. select the account and click Change. On the first screen, you can enter your preferred email address in the From Address field.

Enter the preferred SMTP (sending server) in the Outgoing mail server field.

Click More Settings Button

On the General Tab, enter your default email address in the Reply email field. This insures replies come to the default email account.

On the Outgoing Server tab, select Log on using button an enter the default account's log on information.

Ok your way back to the Accounts dialog and Finish the dialog.

Older version: The steps are similar. Choose Tools, Accounts or Tools, Services to access the accounts dialog.

Last reviewed on September 12, 2013.

  • Sarge Knives

    Interesting solution! Will give some testing, but very nice creative problem solving

  • user

    Won't work if your main account is configured as Exchange. Any solution for this?

  • Diane Poremsky

    The only way to reply with a different address when you use Exchange is to create a POP3 or IMAP account (can use a fake server name, they will be set to never check for mail) and a working SMTP server - the account address will be the address you want to reply with. It's not pretty and it's not perfect, but its the only way to do it when you use Exchange.

  • Victor

    There exists a commercial utility that solves the problem:

  • Derwoodeel

    It worked well with my sbs2003 / outlook 2010 / exchange plus pop3 setup. Thanks!

  • Ari

    Perfect, this is exactly what I needed. One question though: Why do you need to set the "Reply E-mail" field, when it is the same as the "E-mail address" in "User Information", which becomes the default "From" field? It seems to be unnecessary as far as I can tell. Won't e-mail clients reply to the "From" field anyway in absence of a "reply-to"?

  • dporemsky

    The reply to field is used for the account that you want the replies to be sent to, which 99% of the time is From address... so yes, its redundant and not really necessary regardless of the situation.

  • Jared

    Will this way use the correct Display Name and Signature as well? This would be the key point for many of us I presume since replaying under a different account is almost pointless unless it appears like it came from that account, Display Name, Signature and all. Anyone know before I experiment?

  • Diane Poremsky

    You'll want to put the desired name and address in the name and address field at the top of the screen. The username and password on the bottom of the page is for the incoming server, set the username and password for the outgoing server in More Settings > Outgoing server.

    Signatures are assigned to the account - make sure you assign the correct signature.

  • Italia

    Hi Diane,
    I was wondering if you could elaborate on how the do this?
    Let me give you a little background as to my dilemma:
    I am using Outlook 2013 and have an Exchange account for my email lets call it and i have a pop3 account for my email I am forwarding all my incoming mail from the pop3 account to my exchange account but i want to always reply or send out of the pop3 account no matter which account the original email is in. I would really appreciate the help!!

  • D Poremsky

    That is a tough one because 1) Outlook always replies using the account that downloaded the mail and 2) Exchange likes to be default. You need the pop account in the profile and set as default and then you can use a registry key to always use the default account (

    This has some suggestions too:

  • Italia

    Thank you for these suggestion however they were not fruitful. I did however find a quasi-solution for my issue not sure about other people. I ended up just simply changing under account setting for the pop3 account the destination folder for incoming emails. I changed it to the exchange inbox. Now all incoming emails go to the 1 inbox and when i respond to any email from that inbox it will respond from that account. Like i said it is a temporary solution not the exact answer i was looking for but certainly better than checking 2 separate inbox's and worrying which account i am sending from. Thank you again for your quick response. Great website!!

  • D Poremsky

    That is the best IMHO.

  • phil1982

    Hi Diane,

    I have a similar problem to Italia and I humbly request your assistance. I have and EAS account in Outlook 2013 and a pop account that I want to send REPLIES from as default. The EAS account data file must be the default (for calendar, contacts, etc.), but I have set the pop account as the default SMTP and then I have also figured out how to do what Italia did by setting the delivery of the pop account to the EAS data folder (but just disable mail receipt for the pop account as I just use it for sending).

    So now it works perfectly when creating a new mail from scratch and selects the pop account for SMTP even though EAS is default mail folder (I completely deleted the pst folder of the pop account and just pointed its incoming to the EAS folder). But my problem is that when replying...Outlook of course wants to reply from the EAS account (the exchange account). No what I want to know from you is this: is there a simply macro or preferably registry edit that I can do to force Outlook to use the pop account (or a specific account) for replies (not new items, that works, I need it for replies).

    Any assistance would be appreciated and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.


  • D Poremsky

    I'll see if i can find a macro that will do that, i don't think i have one that does that.

  • phil1982

    Thank you Diane, I await any assistance you can provide.

  • D Poremsky

    There is not simple registry edit, I'll see if any of the macros I have might work.

  • D Poremsky

    The problem is not with the method, but with the connection to the server - it usually means the pst is losing the Mailbox Manager file that tracks the last downloaded message. If you are using an antivirus scanner than scans email, disable the email scanning part - it can prevent outlook from tracking the last message id.

    Make sure Outlook is set to check for new mail no more frequently than every 30 min, set up a rule to move new mail to a folder (because its only duplicates) then let it download the mail. Once it's working ok, you can change it to download mail every 5 minutes, but don't go lower than that.

  • Bryan

    This is just brilliant! Works like a charm. Thanks.