Office Assistant requires Microsoft Agent error

Installing Office 2003 on Windows 7/8 and enabling the Office Assistant will result in this error:

The Office Assistant requires Microsoft Agent 2.0 or later versions. This product is available in the Office System Pack.

Microsoft Agent Error

Because Agent is not included in Windows 7, anyone who tries to use the Office Assistant will receive this error. The solution is to not use the Office Assistant.

If you’d like to keep using Merlin (the only agent now supported), Microsoft has released a hotfix:

Microsoft Agent-enabled programs may not work in Windows 7

Deselect Show the AssistantTo disable the assistant:

  • Deselect Show the Office Assistant on the Help menu.

Published February 16, 2011. Last reviewed on October 9, 2012.

  • norm

    How do I disable the use of Office Assistant. I am using Outlook as my e-mail application and I have Windows 7

  • Diane Poremsky

    On the Help menu, click Hide the Office Assistant or Show the Office Assistant.
    To permanently remove the Office Assistant, you can uninstall it using the Setup program.

  • Norm

    When I click on 'Show the Office Assistant' I get the followinf po-up: The Office Assistant requires Microsoft Agent 2.00 or later. This product is available on the Office System Pack. I have Office 2003 and do not want to pay for an upgrade. What do I do to eliminate the pop-up I get each time I write an e-mail?

  • Diane Poremsky

    You need to disable the assistant or you can install the hotfix -

    To disable it: go to the Help menu and deselect Show the Office Assistant.

    You can also uninstall it from Control panel > Add & Remove Programs > Microsoft Office. Choose the option to customize the install. Uninstall isn't really necessary though, not showing the assistant will stop the error.

  • Becki

    There is no way to do what you are telling us to do. As Norm said, When you click on show the office assistant you get the error. Hide the assistant isn't an option.

  • Diane Poremsky

    If you are unable to deselect Show the office assistant, you need to either install the hotfix or uninstall the office assistant 9Control panel, Add or Remove programs).
    If you need the complete uninstall steps, see