Outlook 2010 keeps looking for credential tiles?

A user was unable to connect to their Microsoft Exchange using Outlook Anywhere – as soon as he enabled cached exchange mode and restarted Microsoft Outlook 2010 it hung with the "Looking For credential tiles" message. For this user, Outlook 2010 works fine without cached mode enabled. It's just when cached mode is enabled that it brings up this message.

This message is caused by a third party authentication service. For this particular user, it was Lenovo Veriface, but other biometric authentication devices can return similar messages.

You'll need to disable the service or uninstall it.

This user uninstalled Veriface from the Start menu, All Programs menu – browsing to the Lenovo folder then right clicking on Veriface and choosing Open file location to get to the uninstall application. You should be able to uninstall it from Control Panel, Programs and Features, but I since I don't have a Lenovo laptop, I can't confirm
its listed there.

If you'd rather disable the service, type Services in the Start menu's search dialog and select Services when it comes up. Location the biometric service then right click on it and choose Properties. Stop the service then set the Start up type to disabled.

looking for credentials

  • Oliveee

    Thanks a lot. It was driving me insane! For sure you spared me quiet some time on this one. Thanks

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    You rock, this just saved my butt, thanks so much!

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    This solution works for Lenovo G475 teams. Thank you very much.

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    That was a grate solution man

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    thank you! couldnt figure out what it was!

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    i have a dell and am receiving the same message. no such program exist. : )

  • Dhiraj Bhavsar

    uninstall your bio metric scan drivers and it should work.


  • Bert

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  • lord

    uninstall office 2010 , install older version (may be office 2007) , configure outlook and upgrade to office 2010. This will fix the issue (no need to uninstall any bio metric device )

  • Diane Poremsky

    That only works if you own an older version... :) however, if you aren't using the biometric device, it's easier just to uninstall it or disable it.

  • Jon Hatfield

    Thank you very much! Worked perfectly!

  • Chris

    I was trying to join Office 365 for my company and performed the synchronization. Now every time I try to launch Outlook 2013 a Windows Security Message Box appears saying "Looking for credential tiles" and it displays a email address. Where is the credential file stored?

  • D Poremsky

    its in control panel - credential manager. if you need to disable software, its in control panel, administrator tools - in services.

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    Thanks! I've tried it on a lenovo laptop and it works. THANKS!

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