Outlook Social Connector and Facebook Provider Update

As of May 1, 2012, everyone using Outlook's Social Connector Facebook provider will need to be using the new Social connector (released in January 2012).

An update to the Facebook platform affects the Facebook provider for the Outlook Social Connector. The Facebook update prevents the older Facebook provider for Outlook from connecting to Facebook.

Users that have the Facebook provider installed will be prompted to install the update. It is a required update for anyone who wants to connect Facebook to Outlook.

If you receive the error message you need to confirm you have the social connector update installed. Facebook requires this update to continue getting social media updates and to avoid getting errors when connecting to Facebook in Outlook's Social Connector.

Error message in social connector

More Information

More information is available in Updated Facebook provider for the Microsoft Outlook Social Connector (MSKB)

Remember to update your Facebook provider for OSC

Updated Facebook Provider for Outlook Social Connector and Group Policy settings

Published May 1, 2012. Last reviewed on July 18, 2014.