Publishing Calendars using Office Online

Calendar sharing at Office Online ( was turned off on April 4 2014. After that date you'll only be able to share calendars using this method if you use a server that supports WebDAV.

Outlook 2007 has a feature called "Publish to Internet" that allow you to publish your calendar to the Internet so you can share it with others. If you don't have your own web server, you can publish it to Microsoft's Office Online. This service is currently free but you will need a Microsoft account.

Right click on the calendar you want to publish.

Publish calendars online

Choose Publish to Internet, then Publish to Office Online from the flyout menu.

(See Share Calendars with Local Users using Internet Publishing to learn how to publish to your own WebDAV server.)

Publishing options

If this is your first time publishing, you'll be asked to create an Office Online account before you can publish the calendar.

Choose what time frame and the detail level you want to publish.

Default calendars are limited to 90 days of data, while secondary calendars can publish all events or a limited time frame. You can publish availability only to full details or limit the calendar to only work hours.

Click the Advanced button to control whether its published once and never updated or updated as frequently as 1 hour.

Click OK when finished. If you already have an account, Outlook contacts the Office Online web service and uploads the calendar. If you aren't already logged in, you'll be asked to log in with your Live ID account.

Account Settings

Last reviewed on April 16, 2014.