Using Outlook 2000 on Windows 7 (or Vista)

Do not enable compatibility mode – this is not needed and will cause problems with any version of Outlook.

Outlook 2002, 2000, 98, and 97 are not supported on Vista. If you choose to install any of these applications you should expect errors and annoyances. The better known problems for Outlook 2000 are listed below but there may be others I'm not aware of. See Outlook on Vista (and Win7) for problems associated with the other versions.

These versions of Outlook are all long out of support and Microsoft will not release patches to fix any problems with these versions. Upgrading is highly recommended, or use the new Vista calendar and mail applications if you are unwilling or unable to upgrade.

With more extensive use, additional issues and workarounds may come to light. If you are using Outlook 2000 for email because you need the calendar, it's probably well worth your time to try the Mail and Calendar applications included with Vista. Windows Mail is more secure than Outlook 2000 and includes anti-spam filtering. The Calendar application supports many of the features found in Outlook 2007's calendar, including calendar sharing and publishing. If you are using Outlook for Word's spell check, Windows Live Mail Desktop supports "spell check as you type".

If you want to keep using Outlook 2000, keep reading.

Internet Mail Only Mode wab.dll Error

Internet Mail Only (IMO) mode will fail due to the missing wab.dll (Windows Address Book). You can try copying the wab.dll to Vista and registering it. While this will end the error, the address book may not function correctly. For more information on this fix, see Hack the WAB.

Corporate / Workgroup Mode

Corporate/Workgroup mode seems to work fine, except the Startup dialog comes up each time you restart Outlook (click Next and work your way through the dialog).

Outlook 2000 setup dialog

Rob shared this fix for Outlook not showing up in the "Default Programs" list:
After installing Office 2000:

Use Regedit and go to:
Change the default value for Calendar, Contacts, Mail, and News to "Microsoft Outlook".

In the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREClientsMailMicrosoft Outlook entry
add a Type Reg_SZ entry named "MSIComponentID" and give it a value of
"{FF1D0740-D227-11D1-A4B0-006008AF820E}" .

Rob adds: "I had a user that wanted to use the "Send to" option for mail recipient. The fix for that:

From the start menu's search box (at the bottom of the menu) type "shell:sento". This should open a window showing the various sendto options. Place a shortcut to Outlook.exe in this folder and rename it to "Mail Recipient". If there is an original "Mail Recipient" already there then move it somewhere else… "

The shortcut is a good idea for anyone who uses the Send to mail command very much – it honors the default stationery, signature and editor options you set. Rob said they didn't need the switches – if it errors for you with just the outlook.exe in Send to (or to use with other versions), see Send To Revisited for the switches you need to use.

Other Versions of Outlook

Outlook on Vista (and Win7) original page. Covers Outlook 2003, 2002, 98, 97.

Outlook 2003 on Windows 7: see Opening Zip Attachments and Office Assistant requires Microsoft Agent

  • David

    A question really. I have outlook on cd but it won't load in 7. The other progs have loaded ok. All I want is the calendar back. No email or anything other than the daily, weekly etc, calendar. Can that be done? Thks.

  • Diane Poremsky

    Do you mean that it won't install or is installed and won't open? What exactly happens when you try to load it?
    Did you install the Internet mode or corporate/workgroup ?

  • David

    I have the office 2000 cd which contains all office progs incl outlook. However, outlook is the only prog that will not load. It sais it has loaded but cannot be found even alongside the others in the 'All programs' I can use word, excel etc.

  • Diane Poremsky

    Was a trial version of Office installed? Outlook usually won't install if another version is installed.

    The install screen where you pick the Office apps to install shows Outlook is selected? I foget exactly what the Office 2000 screen looks like - but there should be one screen that has an option to customize the install then one to select the apps. This page has screens from 2010: - 2000's won't be identical but will use the same general premise to select which apps are installed.

  • Gregg

    As for the startup dialog coming up each time, you can solve that by: right-clicking Outlook icon in START MENU, clicking run as administrator, go through the startup prompts, close, re-open to probably MAPI error & force close, all subsequent opens seem to go fine with no startup prompt!

  • Terry Hewlett

    From my XP machine, I've imported/exported my Outlook Express data to Outlook - I have on a Flash drive 2 or 3 .pst files. On my new Win 7 Pro machine, I've tried importing these to Outlook 2000, and Outlook 2007, with NO success. Would I be well-advised to spend the money and buy Outlook 2013? Will this provide a greater chance of successful import?

    I've been messing around with this issue for a week or more, and frustration is setting in.

    Any/all suggestions will be appreciated.

  • Diane Poremsky

    What happens when you try to Import into Outlook 2007? It's highly unlikely that it will work any better in Outlook 2013, although there is a free trial if you really wanted to try it. Outlook 2000 uses the old ANSI pst format and can't import the new Unicode pst, so i could understand errors if you imported it into Outlook 2007 on the old computer then tried to import it into Outlook 2000 - that will not work.

  • Terry Hewlett

    Thank you Diane! My recollection (I'm getting old and it's been two weeks) is that the message was something about "Unable to find xxxxxx", yet the files are clearly in the location I specified on my desktop. I also "think" that it was trying to force me to create an account first, and the only options for "Incoming mail server were POP3 and something else, and my ISP mail uses just Should POP3 and POP make a difference? I'll try again with fresh installs of Outlook 2007 on both machines, and then use your article on Transfering Outlook from Machine to Machine.

    Just in passing, the closest I've come to any modicum of success was getting my mails, but no folders and/or address book into Windows Live Mail (as an interim step). Call me old fashioned, but I want my mail on MY machine, not somewhere in the clouds.

    I don't suppose your new book covers "migration" in depth??

    Smiles, Terry

  • Diane Poremsky

    POP and POP3 are used interchangeably. You'll select POP3 and put in the incoming mail server field.

    Moving the address book is a second step, and no, my book doesn't cover this in depth. It really doesn't cover anything in depth though.

  • Terry Hewlett

    Thanks Diane:

    I may well be suffering from "frustration overload". What is your perception of these companies that offer tech support by taking remote control of your machine, and fixing your problem? One guy I talked to suggested he's get me up and running for $150.00.



  • Diane Poremsky

    If it's a trustworthy company, it's ok, but scammers can easily install Trojans and take over your machine or hold it hostage, forcing you to pay out the nose to get your stuff back.

    I do remote services using gotomeeting - my fee is a little lower, but by the hour. If interested, see for more information.

  • Craig

    I had to replace my hard drive so Windows 7 then Office 2000. Everything worked great for months. Now I get the error message everyone else is talking about, unable to find WAB DLL. Except I checked registry and it is there. What else is missing?

  • Diane Poremsky

    You really should upgrade to a newer version of office... have you tried the recommendations here - ?

  • Craig

    Thanks Diane but I was disabled 15 years ago and cannot afford the price they want for the newer office. Craig

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    I had to replace my hard drive so Windows 7 then Office 2000. Everything worked great for months. Now I get the error message everyone ... Read more
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  • Diane Poremsky

    Are you using Internet mode or Corporate? Corporate mode shouldn't have the wab.dll error.