Tip 1123: Messages sent using BCC are also sent to me

Outlook Tip 1122: Messages sent using BCC are also sent to my address

Several Outlook users complained that when they BCC a message to someone, they also receive a copy:

I have my Outlook.com account in Outlook 2013 as an EAS account and whenever I forward a email to several people as BCC, I always get a copy of the email to myself in my Inbox.

This is "by design" when an Outlook.com account is configured in Outlook. When you send messages and the addresses are only in the BCC field, Outlook adds your own address to the To field. If you add an address to the To or CC field, your address isn't added automatically, it only happens when both the To and CC fields are blank.

Entering your own address in the To field helps keep the message from being marked as spam.

If you don't want to see the BCC copy, you can create a rule in Outlook.com, not Outlook, to delete messages sent from your address.

Outlook.com rules

Published December 26, 2013. Last reviewed on April 8, 2014.