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Tip 1104: How to create "Not" rules


Outlook's rules are great... well, maybe good. Or just OK... I don't deny that there is room for improvement, but you can do a lot with the rules that are available. One frequent question is how to create a NOT rule - how to apply a rule to all mail that doesn't meet a condition.…

Tip 980: Filtering Out of Office Automatic Replies

Create a rule to delete automatic replies

Use rules to delete the Out of Office (OOF) replies as they arrive in your Inbox, choosing either to create a rule that looks for messages which are automatic replies or to create a rule that looks in the subject for commonly used words that identify the message as an 'automatic reply'.

Tip 962: Change the Default Calendar for Meeting Requests

Create a rule to move only messages

Problem: user has all mail delivered to a Personal Folder. When they have a meeting request, and accept it, the meeting is added to the Calendar in the personal folder. User has cell phone that syncs with Exchange calendar but meeting requests do not sync to the cell phone, because they are not in the Exchange mailbox. Solution: Use Rules.

Tip 945: Print a list of your Outlook Rules

Do you have a need for a text file containing a list of the rules assigned to your Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 default email account? A visitor to Slipstick.com submitted a code sample that creates a text file with the rule names and the From condition, in the order they are listed in Rules…