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Outlook Duplicates RSS Items


Questions about RSS Feeds came up this week. I have a number of RSS feeds added to Outlook but I have a problem: Outlook keeps duplicating some posts. Outlook has a setting to have RSS Feed items that are updated to appear as new. You can change this setting in Options. In Outlook 2010 or…

Export only Contact's Name and Email Addresses


How do I export just the name and the email addresses from all of the contacts in a folder to a CSV file? That's actually really easy to do. When you use the Import and Export wizard, you'll have an option on the last dialog to Map Custom Fields. Map Custom Fields allows you to…

Color Category Field Displays only the Category Name


From the obscure bug (or is it a feature?) department: When you turn the reading pane off or set it to the Bottom, you’ll see all of the field names, with Categories on the far right. If you move the Category field to the left of the From field, you’ll see only the category names…

Remove Peeks from the Navigation list


How do turn off the "peek" at the bottom of Outlook 2013? I don’t want the pop up window to pop up when i move the cursor over the Calendar, Mail, Tasks and People icons. It’s very annoying. Sorry, you can’t disable it or change a setting so the peek only displays if you hover…