Tip 1126: Copy and paste Appointments into new time slots

This question came from an Outlook user who recently upgraded to Outlook 2013:

In Outlook 2013, I create an appointment on a specific day with a specific start and end time, set a reminder, etc. and Save it. When I go to the month view, I can click on the appointment to select it, then type Ctrl+C to copy it. I select another date and paste it using Ctrl+V. Except it reverts to an All Day Event, and the reminder disappears. I need to manually reset all these specifics.

Type a new all day event in the month view When you select the new date, I’ll bet the date block is turning white. You aren’t pasting the entire event into the date; you are pasting the appointment’s subject into the subject field of a new All Day Event.

Selected dateIf the date block stays blue, you’ll paste the entire appointment on that date.

While it’s sometimes tricky to avoid the white box when you click on a date, it is possible. Try clicking close to the edge of the date square. If you still get the white box, press ESC to exit editing mode – this selects the date.

If the new date is “nearby” use the arrow keys to select it instead of the mouse. Your left and right arrow keys will move the selection across the screen a day at a time, the up and down arrows move a week at a time, and the Page Up and Page Down keys cover five weeks.

use the keyboard to select a date in the calendar

Published January 29, 2014. Last reviewed on April 8, 2014.