Flag for Today Reminder Times

One behavior that annoyed a lot of longtime Outlook users is how Outlook handled Flag for Follow up reminders. If you used the Today flag and had reminders enabled for all tasks with a due date, Outlook set the reminder to 1 hour before the end of your business day.

This behavior changed in Outlook 2007. When you use Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, or Outlook 2013, a message flagged Today will use your chosen reminder time when you flag the message before the reminder time passes. If you flag the message after that time, no reminder is set (because it would fire immediately).

Default Task reminder time in Outlook

For example, if you have a default Task Reminder time of 1 PM and at 10:30 AM, flag a message as due Today , it will have a reminder set for 1 PM. Flagging a message at 3 PM as due Today will not have a reminder set as it's after 1 PM. If you set a reminder on it by right-clicking on the flag and choosing Add Reminder, the reminder dialog will default to 1 hour before the end of the work day, or 4 PM for most people. (Work hours are set in Calendar options.)

Choose a custom reminder time

Messages flagged for a future date will use the default reminder time as set in Options, Tasks.

Published June 25, 2014. Last reviewed on June 25, 2014.