Tip 1131: Find IMAP Account Sent Items in Outlook

One of the most frequently asked Outlook questions is where the Sent folder is in a Gmail IMAP account:

Sent folder in Gmail account

Where are my Gmail IMAP sent items?

Click on the small white triangle next to the [Gmail] folder. You’ll find the Sent Mail, Drafts, and Trash folders under the [Gmail] folder. Outlook 2013 will use the Sent Mail, Drafts, and Trash folder. (Outlook 2010 can be configured to use the Trash folder and will sync the Sent Mail folder.)

Other IMAP accounts may have the Sent Items, Drafts, and Trash folders under the Inbox folder.

You’ll also find an All Mail folder under the [Gmail] folder. This folder contains a copy of all mail in your Gmail mailbox. Subscribing to it in Outlook will double the size of your data file and create duplicates. If the All Mail folder is subscribed in Outlook, right click on it and choose IMAP folders… then click Query. Select [Gmail]/All Mail then click Unsubscribe.

Published April 7, 2014. Last reviewed on April 8, 2014.