Tip 944: Hide Header in Reading Pane

The header in the reading pane or in an open message takes up quite a bit of screen real estate:
Full. standard header

In older versions of Outlook you can shrink the header down to the subject line by editing the view or by carefully right clicking on the left edge of the reading pane and selecting Header Information to toggle it off and on.
right click context menu

In Outlook 2007, only the subject shows (as seen in the screenshot below); while in Outlook 2003, the entire header disappears and you only see the message body in the reading pane.

minimized header in the reading pane

Hiding the header is not supported in Outlook 2010. Yes, View's Other Settings options includes the option to hide the message header, but enabling it does nothing. Microsoft removed this capability and forgot to remove it from the view settings when they disabled the feature.

Published Jan 2 2012

  • Mary

    I have a slightly different question: I have my Outlook calendar (daily view) set in half-hour slots. There is an empty bar right across the top of the calendar itself, immediately below the smaller bar which has the date centered in it, which serves NO purpose and takes up the space of one hour on the calendar.

    It irritates me because it means that I have to scroll a bit more to see more of the calendar at a time. It serves no purpose, so is there a way I can get rid of it? I've tried changing the view, customizing, etc., and it's just always there.

    Can you tell me how to eliminate this wasted and irritating bar?

  • Kathy

    That bar does have a purpose. You can type in it; for example, you can enter a note that pertains to the entire day or has no special time or is someone else's appointment or meeting, not yours. Like, "Jack is in Miami today."

  • Diane Poremsky

    Yeah, it's the all day event field. It makes a nice notes field too.

  • Shmoe

    The bar has no purpose if you do not need to see it. Should have functionality to remove.

  • Alex Povolotski

    Such a stupid mishap in 2010 -- they removed the feature but forgot to remove the button!!!