Tip 977: Invalid Username and Password in Facebook Social Connector Setup

When I try to setup my username and password in the Facebook Social Connector, I get an invalid username or password message. The username and password are correct, I use them to log into Facebook. I uninstalled and reinstalled Outlook and the Social Connector but it didn't help.

First off, uninstalling and reinstalling rarely fixes problems. The repair option in Add and Remove Programs will do the same and is faster, although it is not a cure-all for all things wrong in Outlook, such as this problem.

Have you checked your Facebook configuration? Such as, oh, permission for 3rd party apps to access your Facebook account?

Allow Outlook app to access your Facebook data

If you locked it down by editing your Privacy Settings to turn off access by applications, you won't be able to connect using the Social Connector.

To check, log into your Facebook account and check your privacy settings.

  1. Expand the menu beside the Home button in the upper right corner and choose Privacy Settings.
  2. In the Apps and Websites row, click Edit Settings to open the App, Games and Websites page.
  3. If you ever turned off all apps, you are blocking the Social Connector. You need to enable all apps and may need to edit the settings specific to the Social Connector.
  4. Click the Edit Settings button on the Apps, Games and Websites page.
  5. Click Edit next to the Outlook Social Connector entry (screenshot above) to check it's settings (defaults are in the screenshot at the end of this page).

Change your Facebook app settings

The default App settings are shown below. I recommend not removing any of these permissions.

Facebook Social Connector Provider default permissions

Published April 18 2012

  • Memezile Ntinganti

    I always get a message,"invalid username or password" whenever I try to access my email address

  • Diane Poremsky

    Did you check the security settings in your account at facebook.com?

  • Paul

    Liar. Totally useless information.

  • http://www.slipstick.com/ D Poremsky

    It's usefulness depends on what your problem is.

    Which part is a lie? (Note that it was published nearly 3 years ago, so the exact steps and screenshots likely vary.)

  • lee

    have removed the app in facebook settings for outlook to try and set this up again, which it does but still getting the invalid username and password issue, have set the app permissions to public/friends etc but still no joy, any other solutions? also added in notifications to show logged in from other apps, and can see a notification every time it tries to connect but still not working

  • lee

    any ideas?