Tip 1042: Managing "linked" contacts in Outlook 2013

Where can I manage the linking of contact details from multiple sources (Facebook, Windows Live, Exchange) in Outlook as I can on Windows Phone? If this is not possible, this needs to be considered in the future as I have some contacts with multiple Windows Live and Facebook accounts, as I am sure plenty of users will have, and Outlook is linking these incorrectly.

You can manage your linked contacts within each contact card. When you view a contact card There is a Link Contacts link. You'll use this to manage the contacts that are linked to each contact.

If you don't see the Link Contacts link in the People view, open a contact and hover over the email address field then expand the Contact card. Alternately, you can right-click on the email address and choose Open Contact Card from the context menu.

Using the links to view the original contact

The contract card will open and look like this contact card.

Each linked contact will be listed under View Source.

When you click on Link Contacts, the dialog shown below opens.

Manage your linked contacts

Click on the X beside any name to unlink it from the contact. (The X is visible only when you hover over the name).

Type a name into the Search field to search for Contacts to link to the contact. Select the names you want to link to the contact.

Published November 21, 2012. Last reviewed on June 24, 2013.

  • Karl Burrows

    Okay, so what if I don't want the social connector links to show up? I removed the add-in for LinkedIn, Facebook and they still show up in the contacts. My outgoing email now shows my LinkedIn picture instead of the one I set as default for my profile. My iPhone now shows 2 or 3 contacts for each person since the social links are creating new contacts for the sync and Outlook keeps creating the LinkedIn Contacts folder. Bug or did I miss something I needed to do?


  • Aaron Lintz

    I am looking for a way to sort or filter contacts on 2013 with social connector. Specifically, I want to hide contacts in a group that have not been discovered on LinkedIn. Is there a way to do this?

    There is no filter for image that I can find, but that would not be accurate 100% of the time.

  • D Poremsky

    I'm not aware of any way you could do that. Where do you want to filter them? In the contacts folder, or when you click the To button.

  • Aaron Lintz

    I'd like to filter them within a contacts group "view settings"

  • ksalt

    I accidently linked 300+ contacts is there a way for me to do a mass unlink or do I have to do it individually?

  • http://www.slipstick.com/ D Poremsky

    /as far as I know, you'll need to do it individually, but I'll see if there is a way to do it using a macro.