Tip 923: How to Open Outlook 2010's Email Properties Dialog

An administrator wanted to know how to open the Email Properties dialog:

In outlook 2007 I double clicked the email address once Outlook had underlined it in the To field, then the email properties box opens and I could change the email type to Internet Type. But in outlook 2010 that feature is not there.

Outlook's Email address properties dialog

It's there, its just harder to find, in both Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013.

If you are looking for the full Internet Headers, you need the messages properties dialog.

To get to the property dialog you are looking for, hover over (or click on) the address and the new contact card will display. Click on the icon that resembles a page then choose Outlook Properties at the bottom.

Outlook's new Contact card, which comes up when you hover over any email in the reading pane, open message, or in the address field of a reply or forward.
Outlook 2010's contact card

To see email address properties, you need to expand the button and select Outlook Properties:
Contact card and properties dialog

If it's a one-off address (no contact exists), you should get the simple Email Properties dialog where you can change the address type.

If Outlook Properties opens a contact form, you will need to repeat the steps above on the email address in the contact.

Published October 20 2011


    Hi, I tried that, but "Outlook Properties" always opens a new contact form !!

    You said in this case, I need to repeat the steps above on the email address in the contact : but the result is the same ==> New contact form opened instead of opening e-mail properties ....

    Can you help ?

  • Room

    As usual, the progress "forward" of Microsoft eliminates useful features. This advice above does NOT let you view the properties of the email. You cannot view header information and the IP addresses. It appears that Microsoft is helping spammers hide by removing our ability to see where they really are.

    Bring back Windows 2003 Pro and Office 2003 Pro with the bugs fixed and you will have a good system. Windows/Office 2007/2010 really lower productivity in a professional office, and I'd go back to 2003 in a heartbeat if I could get the rest to.

  • Diane Poremsky

    Different properties dialog. :) You need Message Properties, not Email Properties. That's not to say we didn't take a step back since they removed it from the right click menu. Reason: few ever used it.

  • Scott J

    BEHAR.. did you get an answer? I too, have several that open up another contact form. So then I have to duplicate all the information again? I have a couple AOL users that I need to modify because they get winmail.dat attachments. Could you post an answer in the bottom of your TIP?

  • dporemsky

    Are you opening the Contact and double clicking on the email address or double clicking on the email address in a message? You won't need to make a second contact.

    See LegacyGAL key for the registry key needed to revert to the dialog used in older versions instead. The legacyGAL section is about halfway down and includes a ready to use reg file. It works with both pst and exchange.

    See Outlook is sending winmail.dat for other settings to check.

  • Marcia

    open your email, go to file, then info, then properties to see where the email originated; IP etc.