Tip 928: Move Outlook's Calendar into Windows Live Calendar

This question came up recently: "I have Birthdays and other appointments in my Outlook calendar and I can't figure out how to import them into Windows Live Calendar. I have the Outlook Connector installed. I would like the info on my Windows Mobile 7 phone."

This is actually easy.

To copy (or move) the appointments from your current Outlook calendar to the Hotmail calendar folder in your profile, switch to a list view, select all then either drag or use the Move to command to move (or copy) the items to the Hotmail Calendar folder. You can do the same with your contacts so they sync with the phone.

You can use the same method to move (or copy) calendar and contacts between your default calendar and the iCloud calendar.

If you need a tutorial, we have one at Merging Two Calendar Folders

Published Nov 1 2011

  • phi_lemon

    This is a great tip. What about tasks and Hotmail to-dos? I can't get this to work!

  • Diane Poremsky

    Outlook Tasks won't sync to Hotmail and therefore, they won't sync to the phone. Sorry.

    I thought i did a tip on it already but can't find it - i have an article about it at Slipstick Sync tasks to windows phone

  • Deborah

    I have outlook 2010 and Connector 14.something and hotmail.com account. My Outlook Calendar was publishing to the Live Calendar and I remove it thinking I would not want that up there. Then I realized I did want to give access to a few people. I have the calendar selected, I click on Publish and it says it publishes but when I go to my hotmail account via the web and look there is nothing in the calendar. I have removed and followed all the steps but it sill does not show up. Now I wished had not removed the original one. My Outlook calendar and contacts sync with my iPhone just fine but I cannot get it to work with Windows live.