Tip 932:Setting Time Zones with Recurring Appointments

A new feature, introduced in Outlook 2007, allows the user to select the time zone for an appointments. This makes it easier to schedule appointments as you don't need ot use the dual time zone feature or think about what time it is halfway across the country or around the world.

However, when you are working with recurring appointments, you need to set the time zone in the recurrence dialog, not on the appointment screen:

"I have a conference call that occurs every month at 1500 UTC, with no respect to daylight savings time. I'm trying to find a way to tell Outlook to base this meeting on 1500 UTC. The time zones button on the ribbon does nothing."

When you click the time zone button, the time zone shows on the message form. However, if you have recurrence selected, the time zone field shows in the recurrence dialog.

Time zone selector button in Outlook 2007 and 2010

When you have a recurring appointment and want to edit the time zone after the appointment is created or saved, the time zone button will highlight when you click on it, but the time zone fields will not show on the appointment form. You need to click the recurrence button and change the time zone within the recurrence dialog.

Published Nov 11 2011