Social Connector: LinkedIn login isn’t working (fixed)

LinkedIn updated their SSL certificate earlier today and Outlook *should* login to LinkedIn automatically. The certificate is good for two years (ex[expires 4/26/2016).

Outlook users are complaining that they are unable to log into LinkedIn using Outlook’s Social Connector. This is the result of LinkedIn’s SSL certificate expiring on 4/19/2014 and until it’s replaced with a new certificate, Outlook will be unable to connect to the LinkedIn service.

Linkedin login error

It should be replaced soon. The certificate expired about the same time last year and it took a few days for LinkedIn to replace it. Until the SSL certificate is replaced, just ignore the InfoBar that asks for your password. Outlook should log the account in automatically once the certificate is updated within the next few days.

authentication error in Social connector

Published April 21, 2014. Last reviewed on April 23, 2014.