Tip 899: All Time Zones are not created equal

I helped several people over the last two weeks whose appointments were off by an hour or two. This is almost always the result of using the wrong time zone or daylight time setting. In each case, the users lived in an area that does not honor daylight saving time, but they used a time zone with the correct offset then unchecked the option to automatically adjust for DST.

While this may have worked fine in older versions of Windows and Outlook, when you use current versions and live in an area that does not honor DST, you need to select a time zone that does not support DST.

When each user switched to a time zone that did not have the DST checkbox, the appointment times were correct.

If you don’t live in a no-DST time zone, you might think this tip doesn’t apply to you, however, anyone who creates appointments in Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 and chooses different time zones when creating appointments or uses the dual time zone features needs to choose a time zone that has the same DST properties as the intended location.

Time zones that do not observe daylight saving time and Outlook 2010

  • Jason

    Hello! I will be living in multiple countries over the next few years and have problems in Outlook for Mac 2011 when changing the computer time zone when I move.
    - If I change the computer time zone then every Calendar appointment I have ever entered moves to a different time.
    - If I don't change the computer time zone then email times, appointment alarms etc all appear at the 'wrong' time.
    Is there any way that items entered in the Calendar can be 'fixed' at the absolute time I put them in?
    For example if I have my flight schedule for the next year entered in the Calendar, and I am flying from Country A at 10am on x October, I want to key it in to 10am and for it to always appear at 10am no matter where I am.
    This must surely be a very useful option for many people that travel a lot. Can you advise if it is possible?