Tip 1001: Add a Second Mapping Service to Outlook Contacts

Would you like to be able to use two mapping services with Outlook?

You can, using VBA. I have the VBA code sample at Use VBA to Map a Contact’s Address. Paste the code into Outlook's VBA Editor and create a toolbar or ribbon button for the macro. Select contact and run the macro.

My sample code uses Zillow.com as the mapping service, but you can use any site that displays the address in the url.

You can also change the default map services used by Outlook 2010, Outlook 2002, and Outlook 2000 from Bing maps to another service by editing the registry. Note that this does not work with Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2003; you'll need to use VBA with those versions.

The instructions for editing the registry are at How to Change the Mapping Service used by Outlook’s Map Link

Published June 25 2012