Configuring an account in Outlook replaced Hotmail recently. It's been around awhile, used for Live@Edu accounts (student accounts at some universities). It's a Hotmail / Live account with an OWA interface.

Because is essentially a Hotmail account, you can use the same configurations with these accounts as you do with Hotmail: POP3, Outlook Connector, or with Outlook 2013 or a smartphone, EAS.

Choose manual setupAt this time, autodiscover doesn't always work well with accounts so you'll need to configure the account manually in Outlook.

If you enabled two-factor authentication on the account, you'll need to generate an app password to use with the account in Outlook. Log into and check your account options for instructions.


Set up a POP3 account using the following settings:

Outgoing server settings

Incoming server name:
Outgoing server:

While setting up the account, click on the More Settings button and on Outgoing Mail Servers tab, select the My server requires authentication box. Choose Use same settings as my incoming server.

Click the Advanced tab, and under Server Port Numbers, enter the following information:
Advanced Tab

  • In the Incoming mail (POP3) box, type 995.
  • In the Outgoing mail (SMTP) box, type 587.
  • Under both Outgoing mail (SMTP) and Incoming mail (POP3), select the Requires secure connection (SSL) check box. In Outlook 2007, choose Auto; use SSL for Outlook 2003.
  • Under Delivery, select the Leave a copy of messages on server check box if you want to see your messages when you use Hotmail in a web browser, your mobile phone, or other e-mail programs. By default, Outlook will delete the messages from the Hotmail server when they are downloaded to your computer.

Be sure to set Outlook to leave mail on the server if you also use the web interface to view mail or it will be removed from the server once Outlook downloads it using POP3.

EAS (Exchange Active Sync) for the EAS server nameEAS support is new to Outlook 2013 but the same settings are used with smartphones that support EAS.

Use server name when setting up your account.

Outlook Connector

The Outlook Connector works with Outlook 2003/2007/2010 only. For all older versions of Outlook (and any email program that supports POP3) you can use POP3. Outlook 2010 64-bit requires the 64-bit connector.

After you download the Outlook Connector, close Outlook (if open) and install the connector. Go to Control panel, Mail and create a new account using the Connector.

If you already have the Outlook Connector installed, set up a new account. If you don't have the connector installed, download the correct connector for your version of Outlook and set up the account.

Outlook Connector 32 Bit Outlook Connector 64 Bit

Published August 6 2012

  • Richard C

    Thanks for this. I've been trying to figure out how to integrate with my Outlook 2007 client so that when I am home I can receive mail from all of my email accounts in the OL 2007 Inbox. I was unable to find the server names until I saw your tip. But to further clarify, do I have to install Connector for this to work?

  • Diane Poremsky

    No, you don't need the connector if you are using pop3.

  • John

    Finding a nightmare. Tried to sync with desktop Office 2010 and it created multiple calendars which I can't delete. I've deleted the desktop account but the newly created calendars are in with no way of deleting. Any suggestions would be much appreciated

  • poremsky

    They should delete from I have the steps here: