Tip 1015: Outlook 2013 and the annoying Gmail IMAP error

This bug is the result of Outlook opening too many connections to the IMAP server. Gmail sets a limit to the number of connections that can be opened and Outlook wants more. This will be fixed in RTM. Until then, the best solution is to remove the account from the Send and Receive Settings as described below.

Outlook 2013 users discovered an annoying bug when they have a Gmail account configured to use IMAP: an IMAP error message keeps coming up, every few minutes (or less).

Gmail error dialog in Outlook 2013

I put an end to the error by opening the Send and Receive settings dialog and deselecting the option to include the Gmail account in the Send and Receive. While the account doesn't update every time Outlook does an automated send and receive, the folder is synced when I open the folder to read mail. It takes a couple of seconds for Outlook to refresh the folder but dismissing the IMAP error dialogs takes much longer.

To change the setting, open the send and receive settings dialog using Ctrl+Alt+S. Select the send and receive account and click Edit. Select the gmail account on the left then deselect the option to include the gmail account in the send and receive.

Remove the account from the Send and Receive group

Published August 14 2012

  • Graeme Brady

    Hi By dropping gmail from the send recieve does that mean that I will not be notified of incoming mail? I will then have to force the synch by selecting the folder?

  • Diane Poremsky

    Correct, you won't get new mail notifications. You'll get the new mail only when you open the folder. This will be fixed by RTM, so it's not going to be a permanent thing, it just removes the annoyance for now. I don't expect this fix to be pushed out in an update for the beta, but they might surprise us.

    Raising the check every xx minutes time may reduce the number of times you get the alert. I'll check some other settings too. Plus there are some gmail notifiers available that can fill in until Outlook is fixed.

  • Merconium

    Last week's update to 15.0.4128.1019 fixed this for me.

  • Cal


    I had the problem for about 2 weeks. The problem went away when the day I changed my Iphone for Android phone. I have the same accounts on my android that I had on IOS.

    Maybe someone noticed this to?

  • Diane Poremsky

    While it could be a factor, Microsoft mentioned there was a bug in Outlook that caused it.