Tip 1047: iCloud Appointments are plain text

Good news for Outlook 2013 users: iCloud 2.1 supports Outlook 2013 (both 32 and 64 bit) and Windows 8.

After installing iCloud 2, users are complaining that they can't paste text into appointment bodies.

To solve some of the issues with syncing appointments between Outlook and the iCloud, Apple removed the rich text editor from the appointment form. This change means the right-click context menu is unavailable, along with the Insert, Format, and Review ribbons.

Paste is not completely disabled: Ctrl+V still works. You are, however, limited to pasting plain text.

To insert attachments, you'll need to use the Attach File button.

If you use the Time Zone selector, you are limited to selecting only the Start time time zone. The end time will use the same time zone.

Tip: In Outlook's calendar you can Invite Attendees then cancel the meeting to convert it to an appointment. If you do this in iCloud, it closes the appointment form.

iCloud 2 appointment form

For more information on this and other changes introduced in iCloud2, see Outlook and iCloud 2

Published December 10, 2012. Last reviewed on December 10, 2012.