Tip 1076: How to reuse Draft messages

In Outlook 2010, I was able to save a few "template" messages in the draft folder and when I needed to send a message, I could click Forward and kept the original to use later. With Outlook 2013, Forward is disabled. How can I save a copy of my messages?

Forward draft messages from the context menu
In older versions of Outlook, you could easily use Draft messages as templates, simply select a draft message and right-click Forward to create a new message. This Forward command is missing when you right click on a message in Outlook 2013. You have two options: hold Ctrl and right click or copy the draft and send the copy. (The Copy & Paste method works in all versions of Outlook.)

  1. Select the message.
  2. Press and hold Ctrl and press C then V to copy and then paste in-place.
  3. Complete your message in the Reading pane compose window in Outlook 2013 or double click to open in any version.

You can also open the draft message and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F to forward the message. You will need to have the cursor in the To, CC, or Subject fields to use this method. However, because it only works when the draft message is open, Ctrl+C,V or Ctrl + right click, Forward is easier.

Published March 20, 2013. Last reviewed on April 20, 2013.

  • Kat

    Thanks! This is really helpful.

  • keith

    Did you know that any file can be stored in an outlook folder?

    You can Copy and paste your .oft template files into a folder – (make sure you have a meaningful file name.)
    Double click on the .oft file in your folder and a new memo is created as intended.
    The .oft template file NEVER leaves the folder.

    This is much easier to "use" than making copies of a drafted memo or navigating to the template file each time to open it.
    It just take a little more time to create a template file. But it can easily be shared by mail to an entire division to standardize communications.

    Quick Parts is quite useful also if you have not explored it, we highly recommend it.

  • Shane Ownbey

    Hit CTRL & right click and the forwarding option appears.

    Call text of email me if you have a question.

    rsownbey @ msn.com

  • Scott

    So an easier method was replaced by one that takes more work? Why am I not surprised? One more reason that I delayed switching from Hotmail until I had no choice.

  • gogojie

    3 steps:

    1st: drag any mail from your inbox into draft
    2nd: go to draft click on the mail u drag from inbox
    3rd: now you can right click on any other mail in your draft, voila! there you are able to click forward now!