Tip 1120: When was a contact created?

A user asked this question:

Is it possible to create a list of contacts that were created on a certain date? For example: it would be nice to check the contacts that were created yesterday or 2 days ago.

Yes, you can do this. Switch to a list view and add the Created field to the view. You can also add the Modified field to the view to see when you last edited the contact. With the created date added to the view, you can then sort on that field.

You can also use custom views to show only contacts created within a date range.

Contacts created date

If you copy or import contacts, the Created date will be the date you copied or imported the contact. If knowing the date a contact was created is important, you should enter the date in the notes field or create a custom contact field for the created date. Don't rely on the Contact's Created date.

In Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013:
Select the Created field in the Field Chooser

  1. Select List from the Current View group on the Home tab.
  2. Right click on the row of field names above the Contacts and choose Field Chooser.
  3. Select All Contact Fields.
  4. Find Created and drag to it the row of field names. Repeat with Modified, if desired

Published December 16, 2013. Last reviewed on December 16, 2013.