Tip 268: Storing Documents in Outlook

Did you know you can store documents in Outlook folders or Exchange public folders?  Just drag and drop them to a folder. If Outlook wants to create a new message with the file as an attachment, try dropping it into Drafts first, then move it to a different folder, if desired.

Why would you want to store documents in Outlook? To keep project files together, to make it easier to find templates, and to give employees who are working out of the office easier access to files (no need to VPN to a file server)


  • While you can drop exe's and other executables into Drafts, Outlook security prevents you from opening (and running) them.
  • If you use this for template storage, create a folder called Templates to store them in.
  • If you are using older versions of Outlook, don't forget that the PST has a file size limit of 2GB.