Tip 293: Hyperlinks Not Working?

Are you having problems using hyperlinks in your email? Try resetting Internet Explorer – from either IE's tools, options menu or Control panel, Internet settings, go to the Programs tab and click the button to reset web settings.

If you are trying to use Firefox and hyperlinks cause Windows Explorer to open, see Use FireFox as the Default Browser to Open Links.

See This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions for other options if resetting the web settings don’t work.

Published Sept 8 2005

  • David Anderson

    I have been using Firefox as my browser for sometime now, and Outlook 2007 for my email. I lately installed the latest Google Earth, and I didn't realize that it had installed Google Crome and set it as my default browser. I did not want that, so I reset my default browser back to Firefox and uninstalled Google Crome. But after I did that hyperlinks in my email messages stopped working. I get a popup message saying "This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. ..." I tried reseting my browser to Internet Explorer, and it still has same error. How do I fix this?

  • outlooktips

    See http://www.slipstick.com/problems/link_restrict.htm for other things to try. Most people tell me that "Edit Registry part 2" was the fix they used.

  • Joseph Romano

    I reinstalled Google Chrome after uninstalling it. Set Google Chrome as the default search engine when it asks.

    Then go to internet explorer, tools > Programs and click the top box, make default so internet explore is the default search engine.

    close and restart outlook. problem fixed. remove chrome via the control panel.

    I figured this our from reading all the posts of others. Joe

  • JR

    I had the exact same issue after mistakenly installing Chrome attached to an Adobe update. (sneaky stuff) I unistalled Chrome when I realized what happened, and as others said I wasn't able to open hyperlinks in Outlook. I'm a Firefox and tried setting Firefox as my default browser through the control panel. I was still getting the same error message. So I opened Firefox went in to options> options> advanced > system defaults. And even though I set Firefox as my default browser in the control panel it was not showing this way in Firefox settings. So I selected "Set as default browser". Closed everything, opened Outlook and tried a hyperlink and it opened fine. Hope this helps someone.