Tip 32: Using Extended Characters

You can use extended characters in your messages by copying or dragging them from the Windows character map to a message. Open the character map from Start menu, Run by typing charmap. Check the Advanced View box to enable filtering options.

When an Alt+ shortcut exists, a 4-digit code is listed in the lower right corner of the window. Hold Alt as you type a 4-digit code on the numeric keypad. For example, Alt+0213 is Õ.

When a Alt+ shortcut doesn't exist for the character you want to use, type the code following U+ in the lower left corner then press Alt+X to convert it to the Unicode character. For example, typing 03a8 then Alt+X changes the code to Ψ (Greek capital Psi). You can use the number row to enter these characters and the codes are not case-sensitive.

Published Sept 8 2003