Tip 693: Outlook on a new computer

It’s the time of year when many people get new computers and wonder about the legalities of installing their existing software on the new system.

“Can I legally install my Office 2007 on my new laptop too in addition to the installation that I already have in my PC? Does the operating system on each computer affect the answer?”

In most cases, you are permitted to install two copies of Office on two computers you use but you should read the EULA for your version to be sure. The EULAs can be found online at http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/products/HA102103171033.aspx or go to Help, About and click the link to read the end user or licensing agreement.

You will need the retail version of Office – if you have OEM copy that came with your old computer, you can only use it on the computer it was originally installed on.

The license for the second installation is for a portable computer that you use, you can't install it on your computer and on your spouse’s or kid’s computer. For example, I have a desktop computer and a tablet pc. I can install the same copy of Office on both  but I can’t legally install it on one of my computers and also on my husband’s computer. He needs his own licensed copy.

Note: The student and home version can be installed on up to three computers in your household, but it does not include Outlook. Its not licensed for commercial work.