Tip 714: Social Connector for Outlook 2003/2007 (Beta)

Earlier today, Microsoft released a social connector for Outlook 2003/2007. This adds a “people pane” to the bottom of the reading pane and displays email, attachments, and meetings associated with the sender of the current message (or the people it was sent to). If you have a contact and a picture on the contact for the selected person, you’ll see the picture in the people pane.

The connector released today also replaces the connector included with Outlook 2010 32-bit Beta. Users will need to uninstall the connector from Outlook 2010 Beta and install the new connector if they want to use the LinkedIn connector, also released today.

With the social connector installed, users can download the LinkedIn connector. This will pull feeds from senders who are linked to your LinkedIn account.

Outlook Social Connector for Outlook 2003/2007 (Beta)

LinkedIn for Outlook