Tip 769: Crash on Reply or Forward

I’ve heard a lot of complaints about Outlook 2010 crashing on a reply or forward. This is caused by not having a folder set as the default delivery location for the account.

With Outlook closed, go to Control panel, Mail and select Show Profiles.

Select your profile and click Properties button, then E-mail Accounts.

On the E-mail tab, select your POP3 account, and then click Change Folder button and select a delivery folder.

You can also do this from within Outlook by going to File, Account settings and making the change on the Email tab. You will need to restart Outlook.

Change folder button

More Information

Outlook crashes when you try to send email messages because of a nonexistent delivery location setting in your profile
MSKB 2298962

Published August 10, 2010. Last reviewed on January 19, 2013.

  • ryan


    I'm having this problem with Outlook for Mac 2011, but don't have the options to direct results to a specific folder. i've completely reinstalled Office for Mac and deleted my old identities in the process. This is still an issue with my Yahoo POP account. Any suggestions?

    many thanks,