Tip 861: Outlook 2010: IMAP mail icon (Fixed in SP1)

Note: This hotfix is included in Outlook 2010 SP1.

I don't send out many tips on Friday's but knowing how many people complained about some of bugs fixed in the latest Outlook 2010 hotfix, I thought it was worthy of an announcement.

A hotfix for Outlook 2010 was released this week (April 2011) and it fixed a number of complaints users had, including IMAP users and the new mail icon: the new mail icon for IMAP accounts is restored with this update.

Additionally, you can now rename shortcuts for shared calendars and exceptions for recurring meetings no longer return this message: “The contents of this appointment have been updated. Open this appointment to see the updated text.”

There are a few more issues that were fixed in the April hotfix (all of which are in SP1)- see the complete list of issues.

Published April 29 2011