Tip 1127: How to view only Contact Groups in Outlook

An Outlook user asked the following question. Although he is asking specifically about Outlook 2010, the method is the same in all versions of Outlook even though the menus are different.

How can I view my Contact Groups together in Outlook 2010, separately from the individual contacts?

To view only Contact Groups (aka Distribution Lists, in older versions) in your Contact folder, create a filtered view that shows only Contact groups.  If you will be using the view often, save the view as a custom view so you can easily switch views.

In Outlook 2010 or 2013, switch to the View tab.

  1. Click on View Settings
  2. Click Filter
  3. Switch to the Filter dialog’s Advanced tab
  4. In the Field box, type or select Message Class
  5. Condition should be ‘contains’
  6. Type IPM.DistList in the Value field
  7. Add the filter on the Advanced tab

  8. Click Add to List
  9. Click Ok twice to close the dialogs and return to Outlook.

Only Contact Groups are visible in the contact folder.

To save the view as a custom view, click to expand the Change View menu and choose Save Current View as a New View. Type a new for your view and save. When you want to see only contact Groups, select the view from the Change View menu.

Save the view as a custom view

To clear the filter, click the Reset View button on the View tab.

To create a view that shows only your contacts, use IPM.Contact in the filter.

In older versions of Outlook, use the View menu, Customize View command.

How to Filter Contact Groups Video Tutorial

Published January 31, 2014. Last reviewed on April 8, 2014.