Create a New Outlook Profile

One of the first troubleshooting steps you should try before doing things like uninstalling and reinstalling Outlook is creating a new profile. A new profile is also recommended when you upgrade to the latest version of Outlook.

Use the following steps to create a new profile using Outlook:

  1. Close Outlook.
  2. Open Control Panel and find the Mail applet. If you use the Category view in Windows's Control Panel, look for the Mail applet in the User Accounts category, or type Mail in the Search field
  3. Select the Show Profiles button. (Email Account and Data Files buttons open the Account Settings dialog for the default profile.)
  4. Click Show Profiles

  5. Click the Add button to make a new profile. Do not Copy your existing profile when you are creating a profile for troubleshooting purposes.
    Click Add to create a new Outlook profile
  6. Follow the wizard to add an account to your new profile.

If you want to remove a profile, select it and click Remove. Click Properties to edit the accounts, add or remove data files, or make other changes using the Account Settings dialog.

Video Tutorial

Use your existing personal data store:

You can add an existing PST file to your profile one of two ways: from the Add account setup screen or from the Mail (profile) dialog.

If you're in the Auto account setup dialog

  1. Check the box to Change Account Settings in the lower left corner then click Next.
  2. Configure settings manually

  3. Select Existing Outlook Data File and browse to locate your old data file.
  4. Select an existing pst

If you returned to the profile dialog before adding your existing PST to the profile,

  1. Select the new profile from the Mail dialog.
  2. Click Properties, then Data Files.
  3. Click Add then select New Outlook data file and find your existing PST. After you add it to the profile, select the PST file and click Set as Default to set it as the default.
  4. Add existing pst to profile

  5. Select the pst Outlook auto-created and delete it. If Outlook won't let you delete it, you can close it after Outlook is opened. (Right click on the data file and choose Close.)
  6. Select the E-mail tab then select your email account and verify the path beside Change Folder is using the correct pst file.

Instructions for Outlook 2003 and older are at Create a new Outlook 2002 or Outlook 2003 Profile.

If the new profile fixes your problem, select the old profile and press Remove.

Last reviewed on June 29, 2015.

  • maurice smook

    This network password pop up is becoming a royal pain. Who in the world designed this? Once your password is entered that should be the end of that problem.

    The other problem I can't send emails. There is this error message 000000838 or something. I will contact and provide the actual error message.

    I have always had faith with microsoft. I trust that microsoft will correct these problems and I am sure they will.

  • Diane Poremsky

    What type of email account? What is the exact error message?

  • Diane Poremsky

    We're hearing reporting that iPhone users are having problems - some believe that AT&T made some changes that prevent outlook and iphone from connecting at the same time. Other smartphones and networks could have the problem too - we'e looking into it.

  • Chris

    I wish I had an answer for you, but I have had this problem for over a week. Out of the blue, every time Outlook 2007 tries to POP email from yahoo, I get repeated "Enter Network Password" errors. Sometimes I won't get the error and it will retrieve my mail, but lately it pops up more and more until I can not even type and have to use outlook Offline. Both POP and SMTP pop up. I can log into yahoo on the web no problem, so I know the password is right.I have tried several things:
    I went to yahoo and made sure all the settings are correct.
    I made sure our Yahoo account is paid
    I changed my password on Yahoo and then changed it (to the same new one in my Outlook.
    I ran Outllook 2007 "repair"
    I deleted the old Outlook account and created a new one.
    I tried to make a new profile, but could not because the "account Test" cannot connect to the server becaseu you guessed it... Enter Network Password pops up!
    I installed a MS "HotFix" that changed a registry setting.
    I restored to before the issue occurred.
    I disabled COM add-ins in Outlook.
    I started Outlook in SAFE mode and still got the "enter Netwrok password" popups.
    Open to suggestions...

  • Diane Poremsky

    Do you check the yahoo account with a smartphone or tablet?

  • Bob Doody

    Been having the same issues and did everything that Chris did (unistall, new pst, new profile, MS patch, etc...). Nothing is working. It stops asking for the network password after each fix for a small period of time (15 minutes or so to several hours) and then it starts up again. This is a problem that thousands are experiencing. Any word on what to do?

  • Alhadi Juma

    Even i am facing similar issue with one of our clients. he keeps getting this pop ups and disappears on its own. we want a solution to this .

  • Kevin

    Bloody great - sorted my probs - many thanks for the knowledge and taking the time to share it

  • Reinie

    Ummm, Kevin, from August 24, 2012 at 3:33 am, so what solution worked - or are you just messin' with us?

  • Susan

    Did anyone ever get a fix for this. It is happening to me again. I'm running Outlook 2007 and Windows Vista. This happens periodically, every few years, but now it's really annoying and I have tried just about everything. Help!!!

  • Diane Poremsky

    The network password dialog is coming up? Who is your email provider? I've seen an increasing number of complaints over the last couple of days so it may be a transient error.