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Disable Automatic Formatting for Bullets

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From an Outlook user: My problem is that whenever I type two hyphens, Outlook automatically thinks that I want it start a bulleted list and it will change my two hyphens into a bullet. That would be fine and dandy, but the automatic bullets in Outlook are not recognized by our accounting software and do…

Tip 872: Setting margins in email

Adjust margins using the ruler, just as you would in Word.

Today’s topic is about setting margins in email. Yes, you can, but it’s not a good idea to do it. And if you set the margins too wide, unintended consequences can result. When you adjust the right (or left) margin, Outlook writes it into the HTML as Yes, it makes the email more readable on…

"Always reply using HTML" code sample

Outlook's behavior with the reply format is to reply in the format of the original message. If someone sends you plain text message, the reply will always be plain text, because Outlook assumes the sender prefers mail in that format or can only accept mail in that format. You can change this using VBA.

How to change the Calendar date format


A frequent question: When I view the calendar in Week mode it displays the dates, but not the days of the week. Is there an option to show the day? If you don't like the date format Outlook uses on-screen or in printouts, you need to change the long date format set in Windows Control…