Tip 904: Outlook is Stuck Offline

We're seeing issues with Outlook staying in Offline mode and refusing to go back only.  This appears to be caused by Office Communicator 2007 R2. Exiting Communicator and restarting Outlook should fix the problem and allow Outlook to go online.

To fix, Close Outlook then exit Office Communicator completely. You'll need to check in the Task Manager, Processes tab and make sure Communicator is not running hidden. Restart Outlook and set it online.

Outlook should stay online now.

(To open Task Manger: Right click on the Windows Task Bar and choose "Start Task Manager")

Update: if you aren't using Communicator, try flushing DNS. Windows will flush DNS if you do a repair on your network connection or you can use the command line:

ipconfig /flushdns

Type (or paste) this is the Start search field or in the Run dialog. You'll need to close and reopen Outlook.

  • John

    Didn't work

  • Diane Poremsky

    Are you using Communicator?
    What version of Outlook?
    What types of email accounts are in your profile?

  • Tish

    Didn't work for me either. And I'd already tried flushing the DNS twice and reinstalling Outlook twice. Not using Communicator. It's not running under Task Manager. 2010 Outlook with a gmail IMAP download to feed it as no Exchange Server

  • Diane Poremsky

    Does it say Offline or Disconnected in the Status bar?