Calendar Detail View in Outlook

We’re getting some questions from users whose appointments are not visible on the Month view but their all day events are visible and they can see all appointments on the Day or Week views. If this happens to you, check the Detail level. (If you are missing all day events too or aren't visible on the Day and Week views, it's not your Details setting.)

Outlook 2007 and 2010 have a view option called Details – it can be set on Low, Medium, or High Details. High shows all appointments and all day events, while Medium shows all day events and uses lines for timed appointments. Low shows only all day events and hides all timed appointments.

Outlook 2010 Details

In Outlook 2010, the detail level is selected from the Month button on the View section or ribbon. Expand the Month button to select a different detail level.

In Outlook 2007, detail levels are selected just to the right of the Day/Week/Month tabs:

Outlook 2007's Detail selector

Outlook calendar details

The purpose is to give you an overview of your schedule on the monthly calendar – in High details, many users see as few as 3 or 4 events and appointments. How many appointments and events you see on the calendar is controlled by the size of the Outlook window. At lower resolutions or when Outlook is not maximized, very few appointments and event display. Even at high resolutions, someone with a schedule full of short appointments may not see the full list on the screen.

Outlook 2007 calendar details

Using Medium detail, noon is indicated by a line across the center of the day, with timed appointments shown as lines above or below noon, so you have an idea approx when the appointment is. The thickness of the lines indicates how long the appointment is. This way a person can glance at the calendar and get an idea of how busy any part of any day is, based on the lines.

Medium detail

For example, in the screenshot, there is a short appointment right before noon on the 7th and a longer appointment in the early afternoon. The 8th is fairly busy, with appointments of varying lengths throughout the day and little room for more in the afternoon. Morning appointments may be possible on the 8th. There are no appointments scheduled on the 9th, which has as an all day event. 

The Low Details view shows only All Day events:

Low details in Outlook's calendar

  • Nancy Kelly

    my monthly calendar is not showing the appointments or all day events. I have it set as monthly view "high". it did not solve the problem.this is a new computer that I had to restore my outlook files to. the data is visible when I view it in weekly and daily mode. The monthly calendar showed the appointments perfecdtly on the old computer.please help

  • Diane Poremsky

    Try resetting the view. In Outlook 2007, go to View Current viewm Customize... and in Outlook 2010, look on the View ribbon for the Reset button.

  • Rene Bach

    I like the Week (5 day) view. However, I see only about half a day, not the full day. Is it possible to configure Outlook to show all appointments from 8 Am until 5 PM

  • Diane Poremsky

    No, not directly. How much of the day you see is based on the size of the time scale and the height of Outlook's window. If you change from 15 min to 30 min, you'll see more... if you make the window taller (don't show toolbars or collapse the ribbon if already at full screen), you'll see more time periods.

  • John B.

    when looking at the monthly view of the calendar, i see my all day events show up as bold, but they do not print that way. why not? i cannot find any settings for this, but i have prior monthly calendars that i printed out where the all day events ARE bold.

  • Phil George

    I have a user who has no calendar appointments viewable back beyond August last year. She doesn't sync with another device and I presume they have been archived as she does this regularly (auto-archive is disabled). However the archive file is open yet there is no calendar within this. Any idea where it might be?

  • Diane Poremsky

    It should be in the archive pst file she uses for everything else, unless she changes the archive pst every time she archives. Did you look for another pst file in the folder where the archive is? Did she make a new archive, maybe a month ago? Is the calendar's autoarchive setting configured to delete instead of move to a new calendar?

  • Phil George

    Hi Diane,

    Should it show within the actual archive file when expanded on the left menu? Because it isn't there and the calendar auto-archive settings are set to global (which is set to disabled). Definitely no other archive file in there. Possible another archive was created I guess and left on an old machine. I would need to have a look on the old machine.

  • Diane Poremsky

    Look in the folder where the archive pst is stored - under the local user account in \microsoft\outlook

  • Ross Heflin

    My calendar shows full meeting times "Start - End" and name of meeting. Previously I only saw start times (preferred) as I can see the meeting names without opening each event. How can this be changed back to see only event start times?

  • Ross Heflin

    Events that are all day and span multiple day do not show the event as spanning the days, I have to enter it each day manually for the full week to get one week-long event to show. I select all day with a start date and end, but it still doesn't show correctly. Every one else's calendar displays the full date span of the event in one entry.

  • Diane Poremsky

    What version of Outlook? Generally speaking, if there is room (width), Outlook will show the start and end times and the subject. I don't recall any version showing just the times. In any event, if the cell width is wide enough, you'll have the start and end times along with the subject.

  • bob

    Is there any way when you have multiple all day events to change which event is on the top of the list? using outlook 2007.


  • Diane Poremsky

    Only by changing the subject. The appointments should sort alphabetically.

  • jojo17

    Thanks. It worked for me. I've been searching for an answer to this all over the net. I have never noticed the "Detail" item before, and I do not know how it got changed. But thanks.

  • Diane Poremsky

    The format is controlled by the date format in Windows - Control panel, Regional Settings. Calendar date format

  • Daryl H

    How can I change the month header from "08 2012" to "August 2012"???? Hate the #!

  • Raj

    Hi I've got a user with this issue:
    User has called to report that she is having an issue with her Outlook (2010) diary, when booking meetings they will not show in her diary and she will then be unable to edit them, they are showing in everyone elses.
    She has to cancel the appointments and then re-make them to be able to edit them.

    Tried the view from High-Low-back to High still not resolved - any idea's?

  • Diane Poremsky

    Does she sync with a smartphone? Can she see the appointments in a list view?

  • Thomas Preato

    My calendar in Monthly View only shows 3 lines in one calendar day. I would like to be able to change this to, say, 5 items in one day. (Outlook 2010). Thahks!

  • Diane Poremsky

    The only way to change it is by making the window taller, which also makes the cells taller - Tip 892: Show More Appointments on Outlook’s Calendar

  • raotayyabali

    I am trying to configure outlook so that there is a separate calendar for appointments with different subjects. All appointments with subject "ABC" should be in calendar "ABC appointments Calendar" and all appointments with subject "XYZ" should be in calendar "XYZ appointments Calendar". By default the appointments are created automatically through a software in the default calendar. I don't want to manually move them to these calendars based on subject. Any suggestions / workarounds will be appreciated.

  • Diane Poremsky

    An itemadd macro can do it... but it seems like it would be a bear to manage. Have you considered custom views that only show appointments with a certain subject?

    Use the macro here to move the appointments: Move Appointments to a different calendar and wrap the code in If... then statements.

    if item.subject = "Abc" then
    Set CalFolder = Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderCalendar).Folders("ABC")
    Item.Move CalFolder
    end if

    if item.subject = "def" then
    Set CalFolder = Session.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderCalendar).Folders("DEF")
    Item.Move CalFolder
    end if

  • Michele B.

    Suddenly my calendar doesn't show any details for certain months - most are fine but Dec 2012, March, 2013, etc show no details. The preview pane shows them in light blue color. I find the details when i look at it in the daily or weekly setting but not the monthly - have outlook 2007.

  • Lori

    I am wanting details to appear on my calendar weekly or daily view. If I type details in the comments section of a meeting how can I get them to appear on the calendar view.

  • Diane Poremsky

    Notes field will show in the views with the time scales if there is room - eg, if the appointment is 1 hrs and use use a 15 min time scale. You may need to select the Calendar Preview view.

  • Matt

    Hi Diane, I am having the same problem as Lori. I would like to see details in weekly view. There is plenty of room in the block of time scheduled. (4 hour blocks of time with the calandar set to 1/2 hour time scale) I don't know what you mean by Calandar Preview view... as in print preview? They are not there either. Thanks for your time.

  • Diane Poremsky

    It's not print preview - it's a day/week/month view. What version of Outlook do you use?

  • Matt

    Outlook 2007. Would like to see details while I am in week view. There is enough room in the block to display.

  • Diane Poremsky

    You want the day week month view with autopreview. That view will show the notes field if they time scale is small enough (ie, 10 or 15 minutes) and the appointment long enough (30 minutes or an hour).

  • Lori

    I am trying to print a monthly view calendar on Outlook 2007. It automatically prints 5 weeks' worth even when I select start and end dates. When this happens, it doesn't have room to print every event on each day. Is there a way to only print 4 weeks on the monthly view to make each day/cell taller and able to show more events?

    Also, is there any way for All Day events to print on more than one line on the monthly view? The events where a time is listed are two to three lines long, but the All Day events are always one line long and cut off the end of the information.

  • Diane Poremsky

    The only change you can make is to use portrait so the cells are bigger. If you don't use one calendar per page you *might* get one less row so the other rows can be taller.

    also, try the my calendar template linked on this page - - it might meet your needs better.

  • Arlene Rodriguez

    Please tell me how to view Outlook calendar searches in the day/week/month view. The search results view is too hard to read.

  • Diane Poremsky

    Unfortunately, search results are only available in the list view. Sorry. If the test is too small, you can increase it in View Settings > Other Settings. Change the Row font.

  • Steve

    Why does the outlook 2010 calendar show some subject fields in bold and some in regular font? I use the month view and all are marked as free?

  • Diane Poremsky

    Bold should be all day events, hourly are not bold.

  • TW

    Low or Medium Details should mean it will show few or medium details. Not that it will only show things that last all day long. That is the dumbest "feature" I've ever heard of. I just want the view to show short info instead of taking lots of space. Not show me *nothing* unless it lasts all day. That is useless. You could learn from Google+ calendar used on tiny tablets. If there is too much to show, it gives a 2+ to show two more things aren't showing because of space, but it never shows nothing, just because it lasts all day. Low detail and Medium detail need to be changed. I consider this a bug, not thinking clearly when designing. Who expects low detail to mean only show things that last all day? No one....

  • Carl Sarelius


    I'm using Outlook 2010 connected to a Microsoft Exchange server. I have a need to be print a calendar using the Weekly Calendar style. What I want to do however is print the 'subject' instead of the meeting resource, etc. Currently it shows by default my name and the resource name (see attached). How can I modify this?

    Advice appreciated.

  • Diane Poremsky

    The administrator needs to change that on the exchange server.

    I have information on changing it at

  • Teacher teacherson

    I work as a teacher. I have made my lessons into recurring events in my calendar. My problem is that when I want to preview one of the events Outlook won't let me, since it is a recurring event. How do I get around this. I would very much like to preview all my evnts, why can't I preview recurring events that are different from each other?

  • Diane Poremsky

    Which version of Outlook are you using? It works in the current build of Outlook 2013. If my memory is correct, it was broken in 2010 but fixed by an update. It worked in some older versions but not in others.

  • Teacher teacherson

    outlook 2013

  • Diane Poremsky

    Whatever i did earlier to test it was not right - I tested it on an RTM version and then retested it on my computer and the contents are hidden. Sorry about that.

  • Brittnie

    Is there a way to put a picture on a day in monthly view?

  • D Poremsky

    No, sorry, you can't add icons to the calendar.

  • D Poremsky

    That would be controlled in part by the Regional settings - Long Date format. I'll have to boot up 2010 to refresh my memory on how it is.

  • CG

    I was "forced" to move to MS 2010 at work. I agree with TW "guest" below - calendar features are not logical. I would like to be able to remove from view "all day" events to save space on my calendar view but that is not an option. Show Low or Medium details = show All Day events???

  • D Poremsky

    Rather than using that option, create a custom view that hides all day events. Just don't forget you are using a custom view.

  • Bowen77

    Hi, when printing the monthly style calendar, my all-day events are only shown on 1 line only... Is there a way to expand the display of the event so that the full name is displayed on a printed Monthly Style format? Even if it's just 2 lines, at least I can read what the event is about... Right now, if the event has more than 2 or 3 words, it cuts off.. I know you can see the whole event in other formats but it's the Monthly format I need. I'm using Outlook 2010.

  • D Poremsky

    No, sorry, you can't change that when you use all day events.

  • Sean

    Is there a way to have the time of an appt show in the calendar view? I have my son's soccer schedule on my calendar so I can see the games when I go to make schedule something, but I have to mouse over to see the time, I'd like to have that time show in month view.

  • D Poremsky

    You can't edit the view, unfortunately. The only option would be putting the time in the subject field.

  • M.

    Do you, by any chance, help with Office 365 calendar issues?

  • D Poremsky

    I can assist with problems with Office365 - do you mean the business Office365 with Exchange Online or with and/or Outlook 2013?

  • HP

    How can I get all of my All Day Events to display at the top of the weekly view, without having to scroll to see them all?

  • D Poremsky

    How many are there? Depending on your screen height, you should see 2 or more all day events, but you won't see all without scrolling if there are a lot - using a 2 week month view will show the most.

  • Cody

    In Outlook 2010, Is there a way to show events that span across more than one day without the time, creating more of a banner effect??

  • D Poremsky

    Only if they were all day events.

  • emmc

    Any idea why I can't adjust a meeting time? Every time I try to schedule one for a half hour it changes to an hour. I have tried adjusting it several different ways but it appears like it is 'locked'

  • D Poremsky

    You can't change the time in the open appointment form? The default duration is set by the time scale or selection when you double click on a time period but the times are editable in the appointment form.

    What version of Outlook (desktop version) do you use?

  • Anita Roel

    How about less details in 2013, how do you get that?

  • D Poremsky

    It was removed from Outlook because too many people changed then forgot and wondered why they didn't see everything. :(

  • Paul

    It seems like in my old (now unsupported Outlook 2000) the actual size of the day square in the month view was larger so I could see more all day events. With my 2007 version I have to remove all the task bars in order to see a maximum of three all day events. I wish there was some way to make the actual squares larger. I would prefer to have larger squares even if it meant that the entire month would not fit on the screen. I wish there was a way to reduce the size of the month heading to facilitate this.

  • D Poremsky

    That is not your imagination. The only way to make the days within the monthly view larger is to select 2 or 3 weeks in the navigation calendars on the left. It won't stick when you change views, but will give you larger cells.

  • nikopro

    I have Outlook 2013 and, when I go to monthly view, the current month only appears blank. I can see appointments for past and future months, but not this one. Any suggestions?

  • D Poremsky

    Reset the view on the calendar - View tab, Reset. This will clear any filters or corrupt views.