Changing the date of a recurring appointment

A problem arises when I attempt to change the date of a recurring appointment from, say 25th to 26th of each month. I’m unable to find a place where I can edit the actual ‘date or time’ of the appointment.

If you are changing just one occurrence, use a day or week view and drag the occurrence to a new time or date and time. A warning message will come up, telling you the date of the occurrence will be changed. When you do this, an exception to the recurring pattern is created.

If you want to change the date or time of all occurrences of the appointment, you need to edit the recurrence pattern.

This will rewrite all past events in the recurring appointment. If you have notes in the occurrences, or moved some occurrences to new date or times, these changes will be lost. If you need maintain a history of past events, you can either export to Excel or CSV format and import or use a macro to create individual appointments from the recurring appointment.

To move a recurring appointment or event to a new date or time:

  1. Open the series.
  2. Click the Recurrence button.
  3. click recurring button

  4. Change the Start and End times and verify the duration is correct.
  5. Change the pattern, if needed.
  6. change recurring pattern

Published April 28, 2014. Last reviewed on May 30, 2014.

  • Beverly

    Changing the time of a meeting in version 2010 was so easy, especially for one occurrence of a recurring meeting. Why was it not only made so difficult in version 2013, but actually the feature appears to have been completely removed? It is so difficult now, and for something that often happens... one meeting time needs to be adjusted. It was a great feature that was so used in our previous version. Why do we have to use another software tool (Excel) to change something in another (Outlook)? I tried using the day view and dragging and dropping my meeting time to a new time, but it immediately says it will save and send update without showing me the change so I can be sure it is correct. And, it didn't save it because it is still showing at my old time. So frustrating. Why 'fix' or tinker with something that wasn't broken, as far as I know.

  • D Poremsky

    If you drag and choose Save changes & send update, the message form (for 'just this one') should open so you can edit and click send - it's not automatic.

    Or open the meeting (choose 'just this one') and change the time.

  • D Poremsky

    I was going to write a tip on changing a single date - turns out its identical between 2010 and 2013. If you're seeing something different, either you are using a different method than I am or something is wrong with your installation.