Outlook's Calendar and Task Icons

The following are icons you may see in your Calendar folder when using a table view. Depending on which version of Outlook you use, the icons you see will look slightly different. When possible, I included both the old and new (Outlook 2003) style icons. In most cases, Outlook 2007 uses the "New" icons introduced in Outlook 2003, however, if the icon is different it is listed under the Outlook 2007 column.

Task icons are on page 2.

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The icons above are Appointment, Recurring Appointment, Meeting, Recurring Meeting, Accepted Meeting Request, Declined Meeting Request, Tentative Meeting Request, Cancelled Meeting Request

Day/Week/Month (D/W/M) calendars will display a simple form of some of these icons. The Appointment list in the To-Do bar in Outlook 2007 use these icons as well.

Calendar Icons

Table View D/W/M
Older 2003 2007 Older 2007
Recurring Meeting recurring Recurring calendar item
Scheduled meeting
Recurring Meeting Recurring Meeting
exception Exception to recurring item This symbol is used when you make an exception to a recurring appointment or task.
Data conflict Lets you know conflict exists between your local store and your Exchange Server data. To resolve the conflict, open the item and follow the instructions shown on your screen. You may see these icons with a PDA as well.
Start time and end time of an appointment or meeting Used with multi-day items in the Week or Month views where a specific start and end time have been set. The time shown in the symbol matches the start time of the item, to the nearest 1/2 hour, shaded for AM and PM.
Hide or show by right clicking on the Calendar and choosing Other Settings. Select or deselect "Show time as clocks".
private Private item – Items marked as private display this icon.
Indicates a reminder is associated with this item.
A Meeting Workspace is associated with this item
A file attachment is associated with this item
More items (up or down) There are more items than can be shown in the current view. Click to open the date in Week or month view. Used on the time scale in Day view, use the arrow keys or scroll bar to scroll.
Icon replaces standard appointment icon when the Live Search Maps add-in is installed.

Calendar icons used on messages in the Inbox

Meeting request icon used on Meeting Request forms.
Declined Meeting request
Cancelled Meeting Request
Accepted Meeting Request
Tentative Acceptance (or Propose New Time in Outlook 2003)
Tracking Icons with the blue i symbol i indicate there is more information, such as an update to the meeting request.

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  • sallyanne

    How do I post tasks on to the calendar, and where do I calculate financial data like billing on the outlook?

  • sallyanne

    how do I post tasks on calendar, can I send invoices from outlook? calculate receivables? import quickbooks or other microsoft products? Like an excel spreadsheet.?

  • Diane Poremsky

    You can't post tasks on the calendar. You can drag tasks to the calendar to make an "appointment" and set aside time to complete the task. Outlook is not an accounting program but there are billing addins that may work for you. You can only import calendar, contacts and mail from other programs, not things like receivables.
    See Time & Billing Tools

  • Danielle Stallings

    I've often seen invite icons embedded in an email. When you click on the icon, it automatically populates the meeting info into the outlook calendar. This is especially helpful if there are mutiple meeting times/days...each icon represents a different option. How do I make this happen in my own meeting invitations?

  • Diane Poremsky
  • Chip Dance

    I recently switched from outlook 2003 to 2010. In 2003 I really liked seeing the icons on individual calendar events, such as private & meeting. In 2010, those icons are not showing, is there a way to turn them on? Or is that a feature that has been lost in the upgrade?

  • Diane Poremsky

    They removed the icons in the name of a clean screen. Sorry. The reminder icon can be turned on in Calendar Options, the others can't be enabled.

  • Elena

    Is there a way to extend the "current time" marker/line to go across the entire calendar?

  • Diane Poremsky

    That's in Outlook 2010? Sorry, no. They fixed it in 2013 though.

  • TW

    RE: They removed the icons in the name of a clean screen. Sorry. The reminder icon can be turned on in Calendar Options, the others can't be enabled.

    I really miss the reminder icon as well - how exactly can you turn on the reminder icon in Calendar Options - I don't see it anywhere in Outlook 2007

  • Diane Poremsky

    The icon is missing completely from 2007. It can be turned back on via options in 2010 and 2013. Sorry.

  • Jason Monaghan

    Can I require an agenda before any employees reserve meeting spaces in Outlook 2010? Also looking to automate a reminder for after the meeting is completed to remind the organizer to send out the meeting recap.

  • Diane Poremsky

    No, sorry, you can't. Meeting reminders might be a little easier, but the mailbox needs to be open in outlook. Otherwise, you need to use a server side script.

  • http://www.slipstick.com/ D Poremsky

    Outlook doesn't support adding icons like many online calendars do. you can add text symbols to the subject line - to see a list of symbols, click Insert tab > Symbol. The symbols from the default font should show in the month and day views (there aren't many decent symbols in the font though). You can paste symbols from other fonts in the subject field but they'll show up in the calendar as dots or dashes. The symbol will show if the appt is open.

    If you are printing, i have a word template that you can add icons and images to.